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Pechinis Billing & Coding Specialty
Counties served:
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Pechinis Billing & Coding Specialty
Lynn Pechinis

203 Coburn Ave
Worcester MA 01604
(774) 641-1348

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Alt. Phone: (774) 641-1348

Pechinis Billing & Coding Specialty

Pechinis Billing & Coding Specialty  provides complete billing and practice management services for all healthcare professionals. 

Benefits to using Pechinis Billing increases your productivity, increases revenue and reduces cost of hiring extra staff.  

As your Billing Specialty gives each client that one on one personized attention and each claim is handled with the outmost attention to detail. Producing 

clean claims. Clean claims allow a quicker turn around time which means faster revenue in your pocket.   

We offer 

* Register Patient Information            * Denials & claim appeals 

* Check all CPT codes for accuracy       * Followup with Insurance 

* Enter all charges                             * Resumit any claims 

* Submit electronic claims                      * Track Claims

* submit secondary claims                  Bill patient Balance 

* Track Authorizations                        Monthly reports   

Post all payment including self pay    * 100% collection Rate  

Pechinis Billing & Coding Speialty is compentsated for services based on a percentage of all money we collect for your practice. This makes

us very motivated to work even harder to obtain all money owed to your practice. All money collected is paid directly to you allowing you to stay in total control of all revenue. 

Pechinis Billing &Coding Specialty helps you to manage your practice more effiently and improves the bottom line. This also free's you up to give the patient 100% of your attention. 

 Pechinis Billing & Coding Specialty also offers the sale of Lytec Practice Management along with training. 

Pechinis Billing & Coding Specialty has a low competative rate. 

 Please contact our office for a rate today. 

 Office:  774 641-1348

 Fax :     508 459-9727




                 We look forward to serving you

Worcester MA Medical Billing Service

Cities served:
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