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Medical Coding .Net
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Medical Coding .Net
Darren Carter

411 N 4th St, Suite 5
Bismarck ND 58501
(888) 288-2043

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Fax: (253) 323-5256

Medical Coding .Net is your dependable online source for Ingenix (St Anthony / Medicode) medical coding books, medical coding data files, and medical coding software! Our products meet HIPAA ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS needs, achieve Medicare compliance, and improve medical coding accuracy. We bring outstanding value to customers who need comprehensive, accurate medical coding and billing information.

Medical Coding .Net data files can be utilized in any computerized application. We license our files to both end-users and software resellers. All files are delivered electronically through Internet download. Some files are immediately downloadable after purchase while others require that you complete, sign, and return a Data File Customer Form to determine your licensing requirements. Once we have a completed form with accurate licensing, we send your download link(s). Unless otherwise specified, all data file pricing is for a single-user on a single computer (not a networked server).  Contact us for a network or multi-user quote.
Data files are formatted as tab-separated (TXT) files, and there are sample layouts available for most of the files by clicking their titles. If you do not see what you are looking for, check our custom data section.

SpeedECoder is a rapid and accurate suite of search tools and customizable databases for medical coding and compliance. Without having to install any software, you access the power of SpeedECoder directly through the Internet.
SpeedECoder was designed based on the most current Internet standards. While any modern web browser should work, we recommend the following:
A computer that can run the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Browser, Mozilla Suite, or Firefox.
Broadband internet service for best performance although dial-up service will work.
Take a little time to learn about the features and benefits of SpeedECoder. Once you’ve learned what it has to offer, try a 30-day demo or simply sign up for service. If you are interested in enrolling your practice, the administrator who will manage all other users should make the purchase.
If you have any questions about how SpeedECoder can help you and your practice, contact us!

Provistas has integrated all of the most important data sets for medical coding and necessity applications into a single, relational database. This unique database makes it possible for us to provide our customers with accurate and specialized subsets of this data in ways no other company can.
Among the data sets included in our database are:

  • ICD-9-CM, Volumes 1 and 3
  • CPT
  • NDC with DEA Schedules
  • CCI bundling/unbundling rules
  • RVU

We can deliver data in a variety of ways as well:

  • Delimited ASCII files
  • XML files
  • XML strings sent via HTTPS
  • Co-branded websites with web pages delivered by our servers

Our live data feeds can also be integrated into any application running on a computer or wireless device with Internet access. For example, if your application would be enhanced by offering medical necessity data, we can provide LMRP or LCD data for any CPT code and Medicare contractor as XML delivered in response to an HTTP request from your application to our servers.

For more information, contact 888-288-2043 x101.

Medical Coding Software, Ingenix ( St Anthony / Medicode ) Books

Main Page  About Us  Ordering  ICD-9/ICD-10   Fees Manuals

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