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e4e Nittany Healthcare Services
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e4e Nittany Healthcare Services
Nirmal Kumar

3979 Freedom Circle
6th Floor
Santa Clara CA 95054
(877) 559-8176

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Alt. Phone: (914) 500-2801
Fax: (813) 343-4153

e4e Nittany Healthcare Services


e4e Nittany is a wholly owned subsidiary of e4e Inc. e4e Inc. is a global business services company, delivering business value through services and technology in our chosen vertical markets. We provide our customers with adaptive services based on a combination of domain knowledge, relevant technologies and a reliable global service delivery model help our customers increase business value through balancing cost, process re-engineering and most importantly through enhancement of their revenues in existing and new markets.

We focus on delivering best shore services rather than just offshore.


Our delivery capability is supported by 900+ people, best of breed technology and quality driven processes.


Our Vision:


Our Vision is to become the best partner for our clients by:

·            Becoming a value added member of the client team;

·            Establishing “customer satisfaction” as our number one priority; and

·            Meeting and beating stringent performance metrics


In healthcare, e4e Nittany has been providing services since 1994, and is considered one of the most reliable and innovative companies in this market.  In order to provide our customers and their patients with the optimum customer service we have blended our onshore voice services, with our best in class offshore back office services. The resulting solution is second to none, and provides our customers with a unique blend of lower costs and highly rated customer service.


Imagine the Possibilities….


e4e Nittany’s leadership vision has been to focus on its core competence – helping our client’s achieve their business goals. Everything we do is focused on our client, ensuring their success with dynamic, thoughtful solution and management.


We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy, process-oriented company that channels all of its efforts toward creating a superior customer experience. This has resulted in an integrated services capability that allows us to grow with and for our clients not only through performance as expected, but through constant and proactive technology enhancements that again result in our partner’s success via increased customer retention and growth not only in existing markets and channels but new ones as well.


e4e Nittany understands the client’s objective of providing the highest level of support, leveraging outsource solutions in the pursuit of increasing its share of wallet from existing clients and acquiring new customers.


e4e Nittany has also developed an in-house proprietary Practice Management System – Velocity. Velocity is an integrated suite of applications, which allows easy interface with EMR systems. Velocity can store all payer contracts with multiple fee schedules and interfaces with the EMR system.


e4e Nittany’s technology team is experienced in setting up interfaces with various hospital systems, labs, EMR, clearing agencies and financial systems.


The team has experience in creating workflow solutions to streamline processes and facilitate responsibility interchanges.


e4e Nittany is proposing to deliver the solution primarily out of our delivery center in Chennai, India. We also plan to leverage our facility in Hunt Valley, Maryland, USA for the voice component of the solution.


e4e has partnered with a variety of organizations whose products and services complement our service offerings. Our strategic alliances with best-of-industry partners give us the ability to provide clients with complete solutions that meet their business challenges. These alliances also help us to strengthen our capabilities and extend e4e’s industry expertise.


Technology Partners:



eClinicalWorks – eCW




Members of:


HBMA – Healthcare Billing & Management Association

RBMA – Radiology Billing Management Association

MGMA - Medical Groups Management Association

HFMA -  Healthcare Financial Management Association

AHIP  - Association of Health Insurance Plans



e4e Nittany’s model for revenue cycle management incorporates these three integral components:


·            Qualified team with operational experience in Healthcare industry specially Health Information Management (HIM) and Patient Financial Services (PFS);

·            Knowledge of advanced technology for both the automation of repeatable processes such as eligibility verification and claims editing and the validation of accurate, compliant account information; and

·           Process improvement capabilities across all departments supporting the revenue cycle.

Our comprehensive RCM services combine people, process, technology and content to distinguish e4e Nittany from the rest of the industry. We address revenue cycle performance from a multidisciplinary perspective, recognizing that financial performance depends on uniting patient access, care management, patient financial services and information systems efforts. We have experience in identifying, developing and managing the operational and workflow structures required for accelerated cash flow and optimal financial performance.


Some of the operating highlights of our Revenue Cycle Management Services for Medical Billing, Coding and Collections are:

·           e4e Nittany is one of the largest Revenue Cycle Management Companies in India serving clients for over 14 years. We currently deploy over 900 associates in healthcare growing at the rate of 50% over the past year.

·           e4e Nittany has developed deep expertise in billing for over 25 specialties and is currently servicing physicians in over 25 States.

·            Capability to offer full or partial service on any proprietary or third-party  software  platform

·           Captive software skills that allow us to provide solutions on proprietary/ third-party billing platforms and allows us to rapidly integrate client billing platforms with our processes.

·           AAPC certified(CPC) coders ensure accurate, ethical and compliant coding. Our coding team comprises 220+coders that code about 800,000 charts/month.



e4e Nittany provides complete revenue cycle management services to physicians, anesthesiologists and nurse practitioners. We process more than 1.1 million transactions a month. We code nearly 800,000 charts a month. On some of our large clients, we do payer payment follow up on close to 50,000 claims a month just in the > 120 days bucket.     

e4e Nittany has been providing billing services for 14 years now in several states – NJ, NY, LA, PA, GA, FL, TN, OK, TX, NM, CA, IL, IN, VA, MN, CO, OH, HI and several others.


e4e’s unique differentiator over its competitors is our capability to support and provide

end-to-end solutions ranging from hardware to software to customer support and back office support.

e4e can bring additional value to the client in following ways:

·           Bring application / technology that might be required for successful implementation and conduct of support operations.

·            Customization Management of support infrastructure, applications to meet ongoing and changing needs

·           Large team of professional and qualified resources


Our accomplishments include:


·           14+ years of experience - Pioneers in off shoring of RCM for Providers

·           500+ people strong Revenue Cycle Management team

·           25 million transactions processed in 2007

·           15 million transactions handled for healthcare providers in 2007

·           1 million+ claims per month

·           750,000 charts coded and reviewed per month

·           US$ 5 billion+ generated in payments


·           Pricing: We adopt different pricing models based on the scope of service, specialties and volume of transactions. We offer a Percentage Collections model for end-to-end projects that we execute so that ‘the more we collect for the client, the more we get paid’.  For clients who want to only offshore part of their services, we offer a Per Transaction based pricing.


Our Business Development team would be glad to give specific information on pricing once we get to know the scope of service.

Please Call: 877-559-8176


Please Call: 877-559-8176

Santa Clara CA Medical Billing Service

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