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SurgiMed Services, Inc.
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SurgiMed Services, Inc.
Mitchell Schaker

P.O. Box 188
Alpharetta GA 30009
(678) 566-2783

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The perfect fit for your needs.
Our wide range of services span simple claims follow-up to complete out-sourced billing solutions. SurgiMed can provide complete outsourcing or simply integrate with your current billing systems and personnel. Consulting with you about your specific needs determines the nature of the solution we provide for you!
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Expert Training & Consulting Services.
We will take your billing management team to the next level with the understanding and tools they need to run and maintain an efficient & effective Billing Department. We empower you with the tools needed to flourish in today's reimbursement environment.
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The Perfect Solution for a Modern Practice.
In today's modern practice, computers and software should alleviate all the hassles of complicated and tedious business processes. Unfortunately, practices quickly find they lack the knowledge, personnel, and time to efficiently manage their systems and their cash flow begins to spiral out of control. There are few doctors that enjoy this aspect of their practice & even fewer that can afford the time to become further involved in billing, administration, & staff management.
SurgiMed © Services offers your practice a real solution, in a convenient and affordable way. We are a full service billing and practice management company working to serve today's Health Care Professional. SMSI has over 50 years combined experience in insurance filing and billing for medical practices. We have a highly trained staff of specialists who can provide an immediate boost in cash flow and reduced AR for you. Most importantly we allow your staff to concentrate on patient care by freeing them from the frustrating and time-consuming headaches of billing and administration.
SurgiMed © Services is not only limited to assisting Medical practices but also offers powerful and comprehensive solutions to Dentists, Optometrists, Chiropractors & other healthcare related professionals.

The Top 3 Billing Myths Explained.
1. "If I give up control of my Accounts Receivables, my practice would surely go under."
We understand the concerns of our clients. SurgiMed helps you to take complete control of your AR by keeping you at the helm with regular, detailed reports. We empower our clients by giving them the information they need to manage their billing department and the services to bring their AR under control.
2. "I have been burned in the past by outsourced billing companies - I can't take any chances on another one."
Unfortunately, this was an all-too-common complaint from our clients that outsourced their billing headaches to an inexperienced and unprofessional individual or company. As a certified AMBA member with over 50 years of combined billing experience, SurgiMed makes it easy to take the first step towards financial freedom. Our success is completely dependant on the success of our clients!
3. "I just need some in-house help - I don't want to outsource my entire billing load."
Outsourcing is only one of the services that we offer. A complete outsourcing option may not be the best option for your practice. By consulting with your practice, we build a solution that best suits your business needs. SurgiMed offers a wide range of options from complete outsourcing to simply training and consulting with your current staff. You decide on the depth of our involvement.

Professional Medical Billing & Practice Management Services

Main Page  Services  Training and Consulting   Contact Us

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