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(678) 293-5029

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Alt. Phone: (678) 293-5067
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CBS Performs professional billing for both sole practitioners and physician groups, whether hospital-based or independent. Our focus on revenue recovery produces cleaner claims, fewer denials and reduced Accounts Receivable days. The services provided by our team of experienced, credentialed professionals include:

• Claim processing for primary and secondary carriers,
utilizing “state-of-the-art” billing and practice management technologies.
• Posting of payments and fielding of all patient inquires.
• Intensive follow-up on accounts.
•Depositing patient and insurance carrier checks into your specified accounts.


Capital Billing Services, inc is a family owned full service management billing company dedicated to meeting the needs of your practice and offering a cost effective solutions to your collection systems. We work closely with our clients to address and fulfill their ever changing needs.

Our highly defined processes are dedicated to improving reimbursement through accurate electronic processing.

Capital Billing Services Inc is an innovative Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Practice Management & Consulting Company who is dedicated to providing your practice with the latest reimbursement strategies, information and services available to the healthcare Industry. Our #1 goal is to get you the reimbursement you are entitled to - in a timely manner.

The security, integrity and protection of patient information is our standard operating practice.

We are a high quality provider of Business Process Outsourcing services. Through a combination of experienced staff, domain expertise,quality, processes and proven technology we help you achieve faster, sustainable and cost effective results.


Insurance claim follow-up
Each month we print and review the insurance aging report and follow-up on any unpaid claims. This step can be tailored to meet individual practice requirements.

Patient Statements
Patient statements are mailed from our corporate office on a monthly basis. The patients are billed for deductibles, co-pays, and remainder amounts after the insurance company has adjudicated the claim. We also call the patient and request a payment be made if the balance is over 45 days old.

Aged Patient Accounts
Patient balances greater than 90 days old are reviewed, the patient is called by our company to setup a payment plan, and/or pre-collect letters are generated to these patients. We will provide the practice with a bad debt report quarterly.

Receivables Cleanup
If you contract with CBS, we will work your old receivables, prepare claims for resubmission, identify bad debts, and prepare write-offs.

Prepare credentialing documents
As an extra added no cost service, we will prepare provider applications with the various insurance companies that you choose to participate with. This includes gathering the supporting information and documentation, presenting the completed package to you for review and signature. We also mail this package “Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested” to the insurance company Network Provider Office. We follow-up with these applications each month until you become an “In Network” provider.

ATLANTA GA Medical Billing Service

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