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Health Probe - Affordable Electronic Medical Records (EMR,EHR) and Practice Management (PM) Software


Seamless, Fully integrated and affordable electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management software with prescription writer, accounting, billing, scheduling, order tracking, and many other features....

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Rated 5 Star Leading EHR, EMR Family Practice Management Health Probe Home True, Seamless, Affordable, One Click Integration of Electronic medical records (EHR), accounting, scheduling, prescriptions and more. Other EMR software has been created in a very short time or even designed by non-doctors. Health Probe has been handcrafted after more than 21 years of front line experience from all types of specialties and users and is highly optimized for rapid documentation entry, ease of use , customizability and work flow efficiency. Our commitment to quality and originality means that we go the extra mile to provide tried and true, reliable software built on ONE robust Microsoft SQL database in a single environment. The trend is away from EMR only programs linked to separate practice management. True One Click Integration of EHR, Practice Management, Imaging, Prescribing and Scheduling means no middle-ware linking is needed. Health Probe is the single solution us...


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